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Masters Race Kit

Visuals may be found here.

To order the race kit, visit the Apogee storefront to by September 30 (store closes at midnight Eastern time). Before you order, please review the following information.

Web site

I have run into some issues with the Apogee web site when using the Safari web browser. If you're using a Mac platform, another browser (e.g. Chrome) may be more reliable.


You may see prices in Canadian dollars by default when you first load up the web interface. Look for the option to select "USD" at the top of the page, to the right. I've added about $5 to each clothing item (not the hat/headband/buff) to try to cover shipping, both from Apogee to me, and then the shipping from me to you in the US (see "Shipping" below). If my rough estimate of shipping costs is incorrect, I may need to hit you up for another $10 or $15.

Note the $5 (Canadian) per order handling charge. Also, the orders will be processed in Canadian dollars. Your credit card may assess an exchange fee, so be aware of that potential charge.


Women's sizes are available for the race top, warmup jacket, and vest. Race bottoms, warmup pants, and accessories are unisex sizing. When ordering anything with an option for Men's/Women's sizing, please ensure you have selected the correct size category.

There's a link to a size chart at the Apogee order page. Please ensure that you have your accurate, current (less than six months old) measurements on hand for comparison to the Apogee sizes. Tips for finding your measurements:

Using your measurements:

Other clothing notes

I have asked Apogee to apply the "grip gel" (the little rubber dots meant to help keep your elbow in place when shooting offhand) to both arms, to satisfy the needs of both left- and right-handed shooters. They do not apply the grip gel to the hip area.

The warmup jacket, pants, vest, hat, headband, and buff should all be lightweight versions (i.e., not insulated or fleecy). The warmup pants have a straight leg and elastic waistband (no suspenders).


In an effort to reduce the number of customs forms required when shipping our clothing, the entire order will be sent to me (Julia). If you're a Colorado Biathlon Club member and plan to be at our events in December and/or early January, I'll bring your order to Snow Mountain Ranch. If you live in the Boulder area, we can arrange local delivery. I'll ship all other orders by Priority Mail (or similar). Please let me know if you live close enough to your fellow club members for me to combine several orders in one shipment.


Clothing production should be finished by early November. Assuming no unexpected excitement with US Customs, I hope to receive everything by mid to late November. I will then try to turn things around quickly and get your clothing to you by early to mid December.