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World Winter Masters Games 2020 (Seefeld, Austria, January 2020)

Event discussion

Planning to attend WWMG 2020? Keep in touch with other US athletes attending the event by subscribing to the World Winter Masters Games 2020 mailing list (select "wwmg2020" from the "List" option) Previous postings are available at the list archives.

Race kit

Please see the clothing information page for background information and a link to the Apogee storefront where you can place your clothing order. NOTE: Orders must be placed by midnight, September 30, 2019.

Coaching/Waxing Support

Rob Rosser is available to serve as coach, team leader, and wax tech extraordinaire for up to 10 people at the WWMG event. We currently estimate the costs for 10 people to be somewhere around $330 per person This per-person total includes:

To sign up, please email Rob at robert.m.rosser at gmail dot com.

Competition information